sábado, 13 de octubre de 2007

My first Meme..!

How I did get started to use Internet???...Well, I discovered this wonderful world one day when I was in my mother’s office and I started to play with her computer, and suddenly I saw a very small picture of the planet and said "EXPLORER" and as a curious girl I cliked on it! When that was opened I was in shock! I never saw a thing like that and of course I liked that strange thing, and I asked my mom to show me how to used it. And my mother, tired of my "BERRINCHES" signed me up in a course! And that was how I opened my first email account in Starmedia. In this webpage I discovered the so called "CHAT" and I started to make friends from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, EE.UU and so many other countries! And I’m still in touch with them! But some times I find some very nasty people! You have to be very careful with chats because there are all kind of people out there!
Some time later my first boyfriend (I was 12 years old) send me an email with an invitation to join him in the messenger community and that was how I downloaded the hotmail messenger, and now I have all my friends in one place to communicate with them. It IS WONDERFUL I love it!!..
I still find some new stuff about the Internet! It never ends!
Now I’m a cybernetic freak, I do everything with the Internet. I send postcards to my friends, talk with them, play, use chat, check my email, my grades of the university, make payments of the credit card, check my bank account, and search for my homework, and keep my blog updated! It’s a great invention..!

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